March 14, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes
1 Power Clean + 1 Squat Clean + 1 Front Squat

We’ve got more barbell complex work on the menu today.  For the power clean you will catch the bar in a partial squat dropping as low as is needed.  If you end up breaking parallel you have lifted correctly but have possibly gone a little too heavy.  Focus on getting your elbows around quickly so that you catch the bar at your shoulders.  Practice utilizing the “hook” grip and you might find that your pull feels stronger and more secure off the floor.  For the squat clean the mechanics will remain the same except you will pull yourself further under the bar to catch the bar in a full squat.  Hang on to the bar after your squat clean and finish off the complex with a front squat.  Focus on an upright torso, a loose grip on the bar and high elbows here.


Tabata Wall Ball Shots 20/14lb to 10/9′
Rest 1 Minute
Tabata Pull-Ups
Rest 1 Minute
Tabata Wall Ball Shots 20/14 to 10/9′

Workout Notes: Today’s workout will use the Tabata timer and we will be working for total reps. The tabata interval is 8 rounds of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds of rest. Complete as many reps as possible during each work period and come up with a total number of repetitions at the end.  Work for as much of the 20 seconds as possible knowing that you will have a full minute to recover after each tabata set.  If you can not yet do kipping pull-ups you can choose to perform ring rows, jumping pull-ups or banded pull-ups.  You will only have one shot at the pull-ups so go for it and see how many reps you can rack up here. If class sizes are large the workout will start in waves with one group waiting through a full tabata round to start.

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