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March 24, 2017


20×30 seconds
1 Hang Power Snatch from below the knee

Our skill work today is the power snatch. For this variant we’ll be working from the hang and specifically from below the knees. That means you will perform a snatch grip deadlift to hip height and then bend at the knees and bow forward to lower the bar down to below your knees. As you lower the bar down into the start position practice tracing the route you expect the barbell to travel as you perform the lift.  Stop momentarily with the bar below the knees and then perform the full lift.  The BTN snatch will most likely increase the difficulty level of the lift for you so for that reason warm up to about 60% of your 1RM before deciding what weight to work with.  We will also be lifting every 30 seconds today rather than every minute so make sure you are working with a weight that allows you to keep up with the pace today.


For time
50 Burpee Pull-Ups

Workout Notes: For today’s workout we have one movement, the burpee pull-up. You will perform a burpee in front of your pull-up bar and follow it up with a jumping pull-up. The burpee pull-up is most effective when performed as a jumping pull-up with a bar just outside your reach. Utilize as much of a strict pull-up as possible.  If you are unable to get your chin all the way over the bar using a bar outside of your reach, choose a bar that is closer and allows you to jump to it to complete the pull-up.  We will not be using bands for this workout so make sure that you are as close to the bar as needed to be able to get your chin over the bar for the jumping pull-up portion of the movement. If 50 feels like too much volume, talk to your coach about choosing a number that is appropriate for you for this workout.

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