March 25, 2023

Workout of the Day
In teams of 3:
3 rounds:
3 minutes of rope climbs
3 minutes of wall walks
3 minutes of sandbag cleans

All 3 teammates will be at one station at a time. One teammate will start working on reps at that station. Once they’ve finished any number of reps, they tag the next teammate in to that station. Whenever you tag out, complete 5 burpees (your teammate can start accumulating reps while you work on the burpees). You don’t have to tag out in the same order every time.

Your team’s score is the sum of all of their rope climbs, wall walks, and sandbag cleans.

standard: 70/45 lb sandbag, 10 hard ring rows instead of 1 rope climb
rx&sport: 100/70 lb sandbag

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