March 27, 2016


5 Rounds for time

100M Uneven Farmer Carry*
500M Run**

*Rx Men (32kg Kettlebell, 45lb Dumbbell) – Rx Women (24kg Kettlebell, 30lb Dumbbell)
** All the way around the 2121 2nd St property.

Workout Notes: The goal for this workout is to farmer carry two objects around the entire property for a total of 500M while also running 2500M. The 500M loop is out the back door of CrossFit Davis travelling all the way around the property and returning.  Start with both objects and travel approximately 100m which is just past the first turn.  Place your items on the ground and then run around the property until you return to the objects.   Pick them up and travel another 100M and continue until you complete the entire 5 Rounds. Please be sure stow your items out of the way of vehicle traffic on the property and off of the sidewalk.  Your 5th farmer carry should end with both kettlebell and dumbbell at the back door and you have one 500M loop to complete.  Have fun!


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