March 29, 2016


E2MOM for 10 Minutes

Handstand Hold

Today we’re working on your handstand hold. Every other minute for 10 minutes practice holding a handstand against the wall. That’s five attempts to hold a quality handstand. Advanced athletes should be performing wall facing handstands with their belly against the wall. If you are new to the movement walk yourself up as far as you are comfortable but try to keep your body stacked over your shoulders. There is no set time that you need to attempt so scale to your personal skill level!  If you are starting to lose positioning come down! Most of us will only be holding 10-30 seconds so be conservative and focus on quality!


AMRAP in 20 Minutes
400M Run
21 Deadlift 155/105 lb

Workout notes: Note that your chosen deadlift weight should be very light! With a light barbell like this we will see a lot of people who are able to Rx this workout and that is great but remember to keep the load well below 60% of your 1RM.  We’re looking for a weight you could perform all 21 reps in only a couple of sets.

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