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March 8, 2016


10×1 Wall walk with 10 Second Hold in wall facing Handstand

There is no time component for the completion of this workout so the emphasis should be on quality movement. Ascend as high as you can into a wall facing handstand and hold that position. As you get stronger in that position you’ll have your belly to the wall holding pressing up with active shoulders. If you can, remain in that position for 10 seconds and then come down under control. Complete up to 10 repetitions of that movement rest as much as needed between reps.


AMRAP in 15 Minutes
20 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch 45/30 lb
20 Push-Ups
200M Run

Workout notes: Today we have a time priority triplet.  With the alternating dumbbell snatch we are looking for a weight you could most likely perform as a muscle snatch throughout the entire workout. If you have chosen a weight so heavy you need to drop under it you may have gone a little too heavy.  Do your best to practice perfect push-ups.  Do not break your midline in order to eek out reps.  If you need to scale down to knee push ups!

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