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March 9, 2018


Front squat with pause in bottom of squat

Today’s skill work is again working on one of our fundamental movements but we’re taking a departure from how we normally see this strength work and focusing on positioning.  Stick with one weight across all five sets or work up to a strong effort squat but be sure to maintain your posture throughout the rep and after the pause.  Focus on keeping your knees tracking over your feet and your chest up. Spend a moment in the bottom of your deepest squat position and drive upward keeping your chest and elbows up.


5 Rounds for time

10 left arm dumbbell overhead walking lunge 50/35 lb
20 sit-ups
10 right arm dumbbell overhead walking lunge 50/35 lb
20 air squats

Workout notes

This triplet features one of our most difficult weightlifting movements paired with two bodyweight movements.  The one arm overhead walking lunge will require you to carry a heavy load overhead with one arm while keeping your elbow straight and stacked above your shoulder.  Focus on keeping your overhead arm and torso perpendicular to the floor and move through the full range of motion with your legs.  If shoulder mobility is an issue consider using a dumbbell held at the chest or just performing the movement at bodyweight.  Remember to keep all of your squats to their fullest range of motion and feel free to use the dumbbell as an anchor for the sit-ups if you want an extra challenge!

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