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May 14, 2017


12 rounds of 90 second intervals
[odd] 15 Pull-Ups + 15 Kettlebell Swings 32/24kg
[even] 200m Run

Workout Notes: For today’s workout you will essentially be performing 12 short sprints. The goal in the odd minute will be to complete the 15 pull-ups and 15 swings as fast as possible.  Record your time for each set.  If you find that you can not complete the prescribed work within the interval you will record your total reps completed for each round rather than a time. At the 90 second mark you will head out the doors for a 200m Run.  Treat this like a sprint and keep track of your splits if possible to see how consistent you can keep your pace!  If you can not run 200m in 90 seconds make sure to scale the distance to a 100m sprint so that you are back in the gym and ready to go before the start of the next 90 seconds. Push yourself and have fun with this one!

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