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May 2, 2017


Two rounds of Tabata Alternating between

Double Unders
L-sit or L-hang

The Tabata interval is 8 rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for a total of 4 minutes.  We’re doubling that for this skill work so we’re doing a total of 8 minutes. Alternate movements every interval. If you are still working on double unders use the 20 seconds to get a few reps or attempts in.  During the L-sit you can choose to sit on the floor with your hands on the ground at your side and your legs together straight out in front of you.  A more difficult version of this skill would be hanging from a bar or rings. The ideal L will have your legs straight and also above parallel. You can scale the movement by bringing in one or both legs.


3 rounds for max reps
2 minutes Row for Calories
2 minutes Burpee Pull-ups
2 minutes Rest

Workout Notes: Today’s workout is interval based. You will be working at 2 different stations for 2 minutes each.  You will then have 2 minutes to recover before your next round.  Because you are only working for 4 minutes at a time the goal should be to find a pace that is much faster than you might choose for a longer workout.  Treat each 2 minute period like a sprint and then do your best to recover during your rest period. For the burpee pull-up you will perform a burpee in front of your pull-up bar and follow it up with a jumping pull-up. The burpee pull-up is most effective when performed as a jumping pull-up with a bar just outside your reach. Utilize as much of a strict pull-up as possible.  If you are unable to get your chin all the way over the bar using a bar outside of your reach, choose a bar that is closer and allows you to jump to it to complete the pull-up.  We will not be using bands for this workout so make sure that you are as close to the bar as needed to be able to get your chin over the bar for the jumping pull-up portion of the movement.  If classes are large we will start the workout in waves so that everyone starts on the rower and ends on the burpee pull-ups. Your score for this workout will be your total calories plus your total burpee pull-ups.

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