May 21, 2017


For time
200M Bodyweight Walking Lunge
400M Uneven Farmer Carry
1000M Run with plate 45/25lb

Workout Notes: We are working outside today and soaking up the sunshine! You will start this workout heading out the roll-up doors and lunging to the 200m mark and back. If you are worried about tapping your knee to the pavement make sure to pack your knee sleeves or just get your knee as close to the ground as you can without actually making contact.  When you return from the lunge you will pick up your farmers carry weights and head out on a 400m walk/run/shuffle with them.  There is no weight prescribed for the farmers carry but you are encouraged to challenge yourself.  Choose two different weights and make sure to distribute the work evenly between arms. After you travel 400m with your weights grab your plate and head out the roll up doors down to Cantrill and back.  Finding your preferred technique for the plate carry will be important as this can be a very challenging! As always, stay on the sidewalk when running on the road and and watch for cars entering and exiting driveways.

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