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May 23, 2013

NorCal Regionals are happening this Friday-Sunday in Santa Rosa!  Over the next few days we’ll work some of the events into our regular programming.  Use this opportunity to compare yourself to Northern California’s premier Crossfitters.  

If you are coming out this weekend to cheer on coach Kirsten be sure to bring some supplies.  We don’t know what the facilities will be like so come prepared! Bring water, chairs, sunscreen and whatever else you might need.


Kipping skills practice, Work on refining your  kipping or butterfly pull-up and/or  muscle-up on the bar or rings.   You’ll need efficiency, skill and strength to get multiple reps on the rings. 

Do 5 sets for max reps on the rings or use bands for assistance and work on the transition. If you aren’t quite there yet get some work in on your pull-ups and dips. 3 max sets of pull-ups and dips as strict as possible.


“2013 CrossFit Regionals Event 5”

For time

21-15-9 of

Deadlift 315/205lbs
Box Jump 30/24″