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May 23, 2014


Overhead Squat

Increase the load during each set and work up to a moderate weight.  If you are having difficulty with the movement work on the mechanics with PVC and unloaded barbell.  Your shoulders need to be externally rotated with torso upright. Determine  your increases by the difficulty of the lift.  Make a strong effort but do not go to failure and only increase if your mechanics are sound.


For time

100 Double Unders
50 Wall ball Shots 20/14lbs 10/9′
25 Pull-Ups
75 Double Unders
40 Wall ball Shots 20/14lbs 10/9′
15 Pull-Ups
50 Double Unders
30 Wall ball Shots 20/14lbs 10/9′
10 Pull-Ups

Off Ramp WOD

3 Rounds for time

50 Single Unders with 1 Double Under attempt every 25 reps.
20 Wall Ball Shots
10 Pull-Ups

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