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May 24, 2013

NorCal Regionals start TODAY!! Remember that the gym will be CLOSED tomorrow to allow our coaches to be in Santa Rosa to cheer on Kirsten!  Hope to see you guys there! 

Friday Regionals Schedule: Women’s heats begin at 10:15 and 2:30  

Saturday: Women’s heats begin at 10:30 and 4:00. 

Sunday: Women’s heats at 9:50 and 2:20

*Teams go first and Mens heats are after the Women all weekend.

There are 2 pop up tents set up at “tent city” for everyone to hang out between WOD’s. Bring chairs and come find us! Parking is 6$ and you are allowed to bring water bottles and packed food from home. No coolers, alcohol or take out from restaurants. 


3RM Overhead Squat



Row 1000M
50 Thrusters 45lbs*
30 Pull-Ups


*The benchmark weight for both men and women is 45lbs. 


How do your scores compare to the athletes competing today in Santa Rosa?