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May 5, 2015


EMOM for 10 Minutes
1 Squat Clean with pause at the Knee + 1 Squat Clean

For the skill work today we’ll be working up to a moderate weight squat clean. You’ll perform two total repetitions every minute. Both reps will be pulled from the floor but for the first rep you will pause momentarily with the bar at knee level.  We do this to reinforce proper body mechanics and hip position as the bar leaves the ground. Practice pushing your knees back and sweeping the bar in while keeping the hips down and chest up.  The second rep of each minute will be a full clean from the floor utilizing the technique you practiced on the first rep. Your reps don’t need to be touch-n-go but they should be in quick succession.



5 Rounds with 1 Minute at each station

Two arm Dumbbell Front Squats 45/30lb
Row for Calories

Workout Notes: This workout will be scored “Fight Gone Bad” style by counting up your total repetitions at each station.  Try to work continuously through each minute at whatever rate is appropriate for you.  It will be touch to do continuous squats for a minute so pace each rep or break the minute up into smaller sets.

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