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May 5, 2016


Tabata Double Unders
Rest 4 Minutes
Tabata Double Unders

Here is your chance to get some expert level practice at double unders. Use the Tabata interval timer and work on holding a sustainable number of reps every round.  If you are brand new to double unders you might use this time to attempt 1 or 2 reps every round.  The work/rest format is a great opportunity to work on hard skills or strength with a slightly lower level of intensity. If you are absolutely positive you would go unbroken on every round, scale up and use this time to practice triple unders.


“Heavy Grace” For time

30 Clean and Jerks 185/135 lbs

Workout notes: If you were able to participate in yesterday’s workout you’ll notice a big difference in the mode and time domain today.  Yesterday we performed a long workout the included a monostructural and gymnastic element but today we have single element weightlifting workout.  The suggestion is to go a little heavier than you would if you did normal Grace so consider your 1RM and try to working in the 60% range of that number. If you are close consider possibly performing normal Grace as Rx’d.

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