November 1, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes
Straight set of Kipping pull-ups

For this skill work you will be working on maintaining a set of kipping pull-ups for 10 rounds(:30 seconds max). If you are new to the skill you should be working the cadence and timing of your swing so you can link repetitions together.  That usually means working on small sets of 2-5 for each round. Leave yourself plenty of rest so you can lower the intensity and keep this as skill work.   If you are still working on building the strength to support kipping swings and pull-ups work for about 30 seconds performing jumping pull-ups with a slow lower down. If you are able to string together 10 or so c-kip pull-ups talk to a coach about learning the butterfly pull-up!


AMRAP in 15 Minutes

30 Sit-ups with medicine ball 20/14 lb
200M Run
30 Push-ups
200M Run

Workout notes: Today’s workout is a time priority triplet.  We are pairing sit-ups and push-ups with a short run. The volume for both movements is on the hight end in each round but you have two 200M runs separating them.  The sit-ups and push-ups will give your breathing a bit of recovery from the runs so use this opportunity to test pushing the run pace a little but.  If you can glance at the clock as before and after each run start at a moderate pace and try to reduce your run splits as you are working.  Your push-up pace is likely to slow down as it is primarily strength based so increasing those run speeds will help you keep working at a steady pace.

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