November 13, 2016


5 Rounds for time

100M Broad Jump
200M Uneven Farmer Carry
400M Run

Workout notes: Our workout today lands in a longer time domain when compared with what you normally see. The workout as a whole falls somewhere in the endurance realm but we feature two difficult movements that require a great deal of strength and stamina required to sustain your effort. The 100M Broad jump starts outside the roll up door then goes down 50M to the wall and back.   When you start your broad jumps establish a sustainable distance performed at strong effort and do your best to maintain that distance throughout the entire workout.  When picking your farmer carry weights choose from a mixture of kettlebells, dumbbells or even a bumper plate(pinch carry) for an extra challenge.  Remember to keep your gear out of the flow of traffic when you stow it for your alternate movements.  Remember you can scale this workout cutting the total volume down to 3 or 4 rounds.

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