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November 19, 2015


EMOM for 10 Minutes

1 Power Clean + 2 Split Jerk

Today we feature another part of the clean & jerk  by focusing on the  split jerk.  If you were able to participate yesterday you practiced the squat clean with extra front squats.  For this complex work with a weight light enough that you can clean it from the floor and catch in a partial squat before you setup for your jerk sequence.  You will need to mange bringing the bar down from overhead safely and for that reason you load may be much lighter than what you work with for strong effort lifts.


for time

1 Mile Run
50 Deadlift 225/155 lbs

Workout notes: Today’s workout is one that we call a chipper.  The workout is task oriented and rather than complete several rounds you are working on each movement once.  We start with a 1 Mile run which will most likely take the majority of the time for most people in this workout but be careful that you don’t hit the run too hard and increase the difficult of the deadlifts too much.  For a large set of deadlifts like this you will want to plan on breaking them up into several sets.  With 50 total deadlifts we have a similar volume to what you would expect in a workout like “Diane” but we don’t have the luxury of splitting up the reps with anothe movement so you will want to plan on doing that yourself.

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