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November 20, 2015


Front Squat

Work up to a strong effort 2 rep Front Squat.  Start light and in increase the weight for each set. Remember to keep your torso upright and elbows up and forward during the entire range of motion.  Practice pressing your knees out so they track over your feet.


7 rounds for time of:

7 Power Cleans 95/65 lb
7 Thrusters 95/65 lb
7 Burpees

Workout notes: In this workout we’re looking for a barbell load that is on lighter side.  Most folks will be limited in weight by the thruster rather than the power clean so choose your load based on that movement.  The power clean weight should be light enough for most folks that you could perform the rounds in no more than a couple of sets.  The same rule would generally apply to the thruster as well. If you would like an extra challenge go for burpees jumping over the the bar.

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