November 22, 2016

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EMOM for 10 minutes

[odd] Straight set of kipping chest to bar pull-ups
[even] :30s of alternating pistols

We have two difficult movements in today’s skill work.  If you are new to kipping pull-ups start by practicing kipping swings and work on timing your transition from arch to hollow.  Perform the movement under control and progressively build your pull-up heigh until you have your chin over the bar.  If you are ready for chest to bar pull-ups attempt to perform the same number of repetitions every round.  Pistols are another unique challenge.  They require a lot of mobility and strength in order to perform them to full depth. Scale by using a box and perform high box steps or using assistance from a squat stand post or ring.


AMRAP in 10 Minutes
6 Front rack walking lunge steps 115/75 lb
12 Front squats 115/75 lb
24 Sit-ups

Workout notes: This triplet has two very difficult barbell movements.  The lunge is considerably more difficult by load than the front squat but you’ll be fatigued by the time you finish those lunges so the squats will be extra challenging. Even though me might be tempted to perform the entire round as a complex remember than breaking up those reps is okay. Keep your torso upright and elbows up throughout the entire range of motion for both movements.

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