November 25, 2015

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Back Squat

Spend some time working up to a strong effort back squat.  You shouldn’t be working up to failure but to a weight that is challenging and doesn’t compromise form.  Remember to keep your torso upright and push back on the bar through the entire range of motion. With the back squat your chest will be forward a bit depending on where you put the bar but you should maintain that angle from start to finish.


for time

30 Calorie Row
30 Two arm dumbbell Front Squats 45/30 lb
30 Burpees

Workout notes: The total rep count in in this workout is low so expect a faster pace to be an option.  Go hard on the row but it’s still probably a good idea to stay submaximal on the row as you have a We’ll have to start this workout in heats if we have more people in classes than we have rowers available.

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