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November 28, 2016


10×1 Lunge Kick to Handstand or 10 attempts at Max Handstand Walk for distance

Spend some time working on your handstand today.  If you have not had much experience with this skill, start with your feet on a box in a pike position to make sure you have the strength to support your bodyweight on your hands and to get more comfortable being upside down.  The next step would be kicking up against a wall.  Once you have these base line skills you are ready to try handstands free standing or with a spotter.  If you have been working on this skill for awhile, try walking on your hands today!


For time


Medicine Ball Clean
Medicine Ball Sit Up 20/14

The Med-ball clean is a simple and potent movement.  It is easy to shorten the movement as the ball will most likely not be heavy enough to require you to open your hips at the top of the clean. Make sure you still treat these like you would a normal barbell clean, explosive hips and a quick drop under to catch the ball in a full squat, then stand tall to complete each rep.  For the sit-up you will hold the ball in your hands, tap it overhead at the bottom of the sit up and then sit all the way up with it to complete the rep.  Try both movements with the weight you choose before the workout starts. To scale this workout perform regular sit-ups without the medicine ball or leave off the set of 50 of both movements and start the workout at 40.


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