November 30, 2016


EMOM for 10 minutes
Knees to Elbows

Today we are working on a different skill that will feel similar to toes to bar.  The mechanics will be very much the same, but rather than sending your toes to the bar you will want to bend your knees and elbows as your body moves behind the bar so that the two make contact.  Actually touching your knees to your elbows can be very difficult so if you’re not quite there yet work on getting your knees as close to your elbows as possible with every rep.


AMRAP in 10 Minutes
Power Snatch 135/95 lbs
*8 Bodyweight Lunge Steps EMOM

The bench mark weight today is on the heavier side for a power snatch. Choose a weight that you can perform challenging singles with while still using proper mechanics.  If you are not able to complete the 8 bodyweight lunge steps in under 30 seconds every round consider dropping the number down to 6.


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