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November 5, 2016


AMRAP in 20 Minutes

5 Deadlift 275/185 lb
10 Chest To Bar Pull-Ups
45 Double Unders


Workout notes:  Today’s workout is a time priority metcon with three difficult skills. The benchmark deadlift weight is on the heavier side so spend some time deciding on what load you will use for the workout. If you do scale we’re looking for something in the 60% range of what your max might be. You don’t need to go unbroken during the workout but your should be able to perform a set of 5 without trouble during your warm up.  CTB Pull-ups can be scaled by performing chin over bar pull-ups, jumping pull-ups or ring rows.  When it comes to double unders you need to attempt them in order to learn them so first scale the volume before going with single unders!

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