November 7, 2016

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EMOM FOR 10 Minutes
[odd] :30 Seconds of Strict Pull-Ups or Supine Ring Rows
[even] :30 Seconds Push-Ups

You’ll have 5 rounds at each station to work for a total of 30 seconds.  It’s probably not a good idea to go for a max set early on so work in as many sets as you need to for the full 30 seconds and then transition to the next station. Use the most difficult movement standard that you can and don’t worry about stringing together reps if it means sacrificing the mechanics of each movement.

for time

Hang Power Clean 115/75 lb

Workout notes: The suggested load for the power cleans is on the lighter side. We’re looking for a weight you could perform a large number of repetitions in a set. That doesn’t mean you need to go unbroken but work with a weight with which you can perform a large number reps when you are fresh.  Review the hook grip for a high rep workout like this.  You can release the grip at the top of each repetition and re-grip prior to bringing the bar back down to the hang. If you have the mobility you might be able to hang on the hook grip through the entire range of motion. Hook grip can be rough on the thumbs so consider picking up some athletic tape your skin is sensitive.

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