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October 10, 2014

[creativ_alertbox icon=”” colour=”red” custom_colour=””]Please note: This Sunday we will be open but holding only our weightlifting class with coach Elliiot followed by “Open Gym” as ALL of our CrossFit coaches are competing in the Good Times CrossFit Fallfit team challenge.  [/creativ_alertbox]


EMOM for 10 Minutes

3 Overhead Squats

Work up to a light load and perform 3 Overhead Squats every minute for 10 minutes.  Practice squat snatching your first rep if you are experienced at this lift .   If you are new to the movement power snatch the bar and ride it down into the bottom of your first squat.  A big part of being able to perform this movement to full depth is purely mobility.   If you can’t achieve the position with a pvc or an empty barbell then adding weight won’t help.


For time

100 Double Unders
50 Wall ball Shots 20/14lbs 10/9′
25 Toes-To-Bar
75 Double Unders
40 Wall ball Shots 20/14lbs 10/9′
15 Toes-To-Bar
50 Double Unders
30 Wall ball Shots 20/14lbs 10/9′
10 Toes-To-Bar

Workout notes:  This workout poses a challenge by starting with large sets! Most of us will want to break up the reps early and insert some timed rest to avoid redlining.  Toes-To-Bar will be especially difficult on your grip considering the previous movements.  Wall Ball shots make other movements difficult as well so don’t be tied to performing them unbroken if you can keep moving by doing smaller set sizes.

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