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October 11, 2017

Front Squat

Today we’re working up to a strong effort 4 rep front squat.  With the front squat we want to focus on keeping the elbows up and chest as upright as possible.  As with any kind of squatting you’ll want to practice keeping your knees out and tracking over your feet. Remember to release the grip on the bar a bit in the front squat and load the bar onto your torso which should help you keep your elbows and chest up. If you have a mobility problem holding you back from keeping your elbows up you can always try crossing your arms across the bar or modifying that in some way.  Feel free to choose one weight and work there for all sets rather than adding weight as you go.


AMRAP in 15 Minutes

50 Sit-ups
35 Kettlebell Swings 32/24 kg
20 Push-ups

Workout notes: Today we have a time priority triplet with two bodyweight movements and a large set of kettlebell swings sandwiched in the middle.  Each movement has a fairly high amount of volume per round so finding a sustainable cadence will be important.  35 reps of swings is on the large side so most athletes will need to break up each round into a couple of sets. If you have been regularly hitting the benchmark weights but not sure if you should scale, consider performing russian style swings as a scaling option rather than dropping weight.  If 50 sit-ups in a row sounds like a lot, consider dropping the number to something more manageable so you don’t get stuck at one movement for too long.

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