October 2, 2016


for time

1 Mile Run
50 Medicine Ball Cleans
1000M Run
100 Kettlebell Hang Snatch or Dumbbell Hang Snatch
450M Run

Workout notes: Note that there is no “Rx” load for this workout! For medicine ball cleans you can go as heavy as 30lbs but even if you use a heavier ball than what you normally use for wall ball shots you should be moving quickly and practicing full extension with your hips prior to dropping into your squat. With the snatches you have a choice of kettlebell or dumbbell. The kettlebell snatch is generally considered the harder of the two movements as you have to rotate your wrist around the bell rather than let it slam into your arm.  You may alternate arms as you wish but do distribute the work evenly across both arms. The one mile run is down to the yellow sign just short of L street and back. The 1000m Run has you running out the back door and down to the Cantrill sign. Finish up by running all the way around the property! The running is almost 2 miles so scale the distance a bit if that is well outside your range.

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