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October 24, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes
[odd] Kipping toe-to-bar
[even] 30 seconds hollow hold

Our skill work is a great opportunity to refine two common movements. You’ll have a total of 5 opportunities each to work on the kipping swing/toe-to-bar and a hollow hold.  If you are new to the kipping swing  start by alternating between the hollow and arch position on the bar and follow that by pulling the knees in and up as high as possible. Remember that this is skill practice so don’t start with a max set or use this to test your overall work capacity if you haven’t mastered these skills yet.  Start with small sustainable sets and try to maintain that effort across each round. For the hollow holds make sure you are able to keep your lower back in contact with the floor while you are in the hollow position. You can scale this movement by bringing one leg in or your arms down near your side.


3 Rounds for time

400M Run
30 Sit-ups
20 Deadlifts 185/135 lb

Workout notes:  Today’s workout is a 3 round, task priority triplet.  We start with the monostructural run  and transition to a bodyweight movement coupled with lighter higher rep deadlifts. Use this opportunity to practice maintaining a steady pace with near constant work during all three movements. The weight you choose for your deadifts should be very manageable. When you are fresh plan to be able to hit a set of 10 without a problem. If you have to break up your deadlifts into more than 3 sets from the start you have gone too heavy.

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