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October 28, 2014


Work up to a strong effort Deadlift. The important thing here is that your heaviest lift has good form just like your lightest. Establish a solid base and set your back BEFORE you lift. Maintain your low back as you pick the bar up.


3 Rounds for Time

21 Dumbbell Hang Snatch Left Arm 45/30lbs
200M Run
21 Dumbbell Hang Snatch Right Arm 45/30lbs
200M Run

Workout Notes:  The muscle snatch will be the quickest movement but you’ll want to make sure you drive up with the hips as much as possible to generate momentum.  Think of “finishing” with the arm rather than initiating the movement with the arm. For the one arm hang snatch your grip will most likely be the limiting factor but you will have quite a bit of grip recovery between the three rounds on each arm so don’t be afraid of big sets!

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