October 3, 2016



Power Clean

Work up to a strong effort power clean.  The lift should start just as you would with a squat clean.  Your back angle should remain static as you pull the bar off of the ground and you should start opening your hips as the bar passes your knees.  Re-bend to receive the bar at your shoulders and let your grip open up slightly.  As the bar gets heavier you should meet the bar at a lower elevation. If things are working correctly your last lift would be a squat clean or close to it.



Double Unders

Workout notes: Annie is a classic benchmark workout from CrossFit.com.  Using an abmat is optional but do attempt to protect your skin from the flooring by making sure you don’t slide around too much on the floor.  The workout is simple and meant to be fast! If you do not yet have good consistency with double unders make an honest effort to complete the workout with them but bail out go with single unders if you find yourself stuck for a few minutes and unable to get any.

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