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October 4, 2015


3 Rounds for reps:

2 Minutes of Power Cleans 135/95 lb

2 Minutes of Wall Ball Shots 20/14 lb

2 Minutes of Muscle Ups

Workout Notes: This workout will be scored  in a “Fight Gone Bad” style, scoring your total number of repetitions completed in the entire 18 minutes of work.  It is possible to game the workout by working on one movement and trying to achieve a higher score but that is not the intent of this format.  The purpose of this workout is to maintain a steady work rate through the entire workout.  If you are not able to do Muscle ups (but you are close) then a few ways to practice and keep the work rate high the is to do Jumping MU or banded MU transitions.  If you are still trying to build the strength for Muscle ups then a great way to scale this portion of the workout is to perform a combination of Strict Pull-ups and Strict Dips.

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