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October 4, 2016


Wall walk with 10 Second Hold in wall facing Handstand.

There is no time component for the completion of this workout so the emphasis should be on quality movement. Ascend as high as you can into a wall facing handstand and hold that position. As you get stronger in this position you’ll have your belly to the wall, pressing up with active shoulders. If you can, remain in that position for 10 seconds and then come down under control. Complete up to 10 repetitions and rest as much as needed between reps.


4 Rounds with 1 minute on each station

Two arm dumbbell push press 45/30 lb
Air Squat
Row for calories

Workout notes: This workout will be scored as you would score the workout “Fight Gone Bad”.  Count your total number of reps completed and come up with one big number at the end of the four rounds. It could be tempting to “game” this workout by going easy on a movement to be fresh for another one but that is not the intent of this format. Go hard at each station! Pay close attention to your mechanics during the push presses and air squats. Make sure you reach full extension in the push presses and don’t re-bend your knees after the dumbbell is overhead.  Practice hitting full depth in all of your air squats and full extension at the top.  They will get hard with higher rep counts but don’t short the range of motion to keep going.

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