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October 7, 2014

[creativ_alertbox icon=”” colour=”green” custom_colour=””]Note that today the 5:30PM time slot will be dedicated to the regularly programmed workout! We are no longer holding a weightlifting hour during that time slot. [/creativ_alertbox]




6 Sets of 5 deadlift increasing across the sets. As usual the first few sets should be extremely light.  Remember to practice setting your back as you address the bar and lifting with only your legs.  Maintain your posture as you increase the weight and work up to a moderate load.


For Time

21 Double Dumbbell Thrusters 45/30lbs
400M Run
18 Double Dumbbell Thrusters 45/30lbs
400M Run
15 Double Dumbbell Thrusters 45/30lbs
400M Run

Workout notes:  Looks a lot like the first workout listed on! If you normally have trouble maintaining an upright torso with barbell thrusters and front squats the dumbbells can be a great option.  The dumbbell centers weight over your body which you will naturally want to keep right over your base of support.  Remember to explode at drive vertically with the hips as you start the press so drive them upward!

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