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October 7, 2015




Work up to a strong effort thruster.  If you are new to the movement you can perform a power clean and then the thruster or setup for a squat clean and go right into the rep.  Remember to keep the bar centered over your midline.  Your chest and elbows should be up, and stay up, as you hit the bottom of your squat so you can move the bar through the full range of motion efficiently.  The thruster is a front squat followed by a press. You can generate momentum with your hips but don’t let your knees re-bend into a jerk.   The WOD for today has thrusters as well so take that into consideration as you work up in weight!


AMRAP in 5 Minutes

Squat Clean Thrusters ~ 75% of 1RM Thruster

Workout notes: For this workout you will be working off of a percentage of your lift from the skill work. Taking 75% of what you worked up to in the skill work will most likely put this workout onto the heavy side. You don’t need to hold exactly to the % if you feel the the weight is too far on the heavy side. Use a weight you are confident you can execute good repetitions throughout the entire workout.

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