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September 10, 2017


4 Rounds for time

40 Medicine ball cleans 20/14 lb
40 Medicine ball sit-ups 20/14 lb
400M Run with Medicine Ball 20/14 lb

Workout notes: Today’s workout is a four round triplet. You are tasked with hanging on to your medicine ball for each movement. The sit-ups and cleans have a specific movement pattern we are looking for, but during the carry you are free to hold the ball however you would like.  Not getting a break from working with the med ball can be mentally challenging but the key is to keep working at a continuous pace.  This workout falls into a longer time domain so going all out on that first round may not be smart. Most athletes will consider this a high volume of all three movements so consider that when deciding how you will scale this workout.  One option is to perform all of the movements at bodyweight for all four rounds or to scale the total number of reps by cutting off the workout at round 2 or 3.

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