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September 14, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes
2 Split Jerks

Today’s technique work  focuses on the Split Jerk.   For this complex work with a weight light enough that you can clean it from the floor and catch it in a partial squat before you setup for your jerk sequence.  You will need to manage bringing the bar down from overhead safely and for that reason your load may be much lighter than what you work with for strong effort lifts.

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Air Squat

Workout notes: Our workout is a task priority couplet that features two bodyweight movements.  The squat is a movement that we see quite frequently and performing them at bodyweight rather than with a barbell should not change the mechanics of your movement. Start by sending the hips back and keep your chest upright throughout the entire movement.  Do your best to descend below parallel and hit your full range of motion for every repetition.  Resist the temptation to shorten your range of motion as you fatigue.


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