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September 20, 2013


Deadlift 3×1 ~ 95%

Work up to 95% and complete 3 lifts.  Move on to a 1RM attempt if you like.  If you are new to the barbell movements take your Deadlift up in small increments to a moderately heavy weight.  Perform at least 3 lifts at each weight.


AMRAP in 10 Minutes of

15 Wall Ball 20/14lbs
9 Toes To Bar

Off Ramp WOD

AMRAP in 10 Minutes of

15 Wall Ball 
9 Knees To Elbows or Knee Tucks

If you are still learning to Kip don’t be afraid to try the rings. They can be more forgiving and easier on your hands when you are just starting out!