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September 24, 2017


6 rounds for time

50M uneven farmer carry
30 Air Squats
50M uneven farmer carry
15 Push-ups

Workout notes: For today’s workout we have a pretty high volume of farmer carries broken up into 50M increments.  Choose a combination of kettlebells and/or dumbbells that you would like to work with for the entire workout. The shorter length of the carry should enable you to get all 50M by setting the objects down once or twice at most in the early rounds.  You’ll start at the gym and carry your objects down to the north wall and set them down there to perform your set of 30 air squats.  Return to the gym and knock out a set of push-ups. You’ll complete that sequence a total of 6 times.  Have fun and enjoy the California sunshine before the weather turns!

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