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September 25, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes
[odd] Straight set of Kipping knees to elbows
[even] 40 seconds of double unders

Our skill work is a great opportunity to refine two common movements. You’ll have a total of 5 opportunities each to work on the kipping swing/knee to elbow and double unders.  If you are new to the kipping swing  start by alternating between the hollow and arch position on the bar and follow that by pulling the knees in and up as high as possible. Remember that this is skill practice so don’t start with a max set or use this to test your overall work capacity if you haven’t mastered these skills yet.  Start with small sustainable sets and try to maintain that effort across each round.


AMRAP in 12 Minutes
10 Hang Power cleans 115/85 lb
6 Front rack walking lunge step  115/85 lb
200M Run

Workout notes: Our workout today is a triplet that comes in a common format.  We start with a barbell complex of two movements and finish each round with a 200M run.  The benchmark load on this workout might look like it is on the lighter side but remember that performing cleans from the hang is a bit more difficult that working from the floor.  The lunge itself presents a challenge too as you will essentially be performing work on one leg at a time.  For that reason make sure you test out the load you choose for a set of 6 lunges.  If it feels like a max effort lunge from the start it will be much harder after the hang power cleans and under fatigue.  Use the run as a bit of recovery but do your best to keep up a solid pace on those runs.


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