September 26, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAWN KINNEY!!!! Today Shawn turns 50! As a gift to him there will be no burpees in the workout:) Come to the 9:30 class to WOD with Shawn. Sorry we couldn’t program the “Frosty 50” for you Shawn, AKA: 50 beers for time. We’ll save that one for the weekend! Have fun! 


1RM Power Clean

If you are new to Olympic lifting, start light and up in small increments. Do 2-3 reps at each weight 


10 Rounds for Time

5 Deadlift 225/155 
10 Push-Up

Off Ramp WOD

5 Rounds for Time
5 Deadlift 
10 Push-Up

Note to everyone: Your working deadlift weight should be one you can do unbroken sets WELL into the workout.