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September 28, 2015


Squat Clean

Today we’re working on a moderate to strong effort squat clean.   Start by working through the movement with an empty bar bell and practice catching the bar with your elbows high and chest up.  As you get comfortable with the movement ride the bar down into the bottom of your squat and then stand up.  Increase the load if the movement is going well and you have the mechanics down.



AMRAP in 10 Minutes

Burpee jumping to a plate
200M Run after ever round

Workout notes: Today we have a very simple workout but in the increasing rep format will be difficult to maintain a consistent pace.  Try to maintain constant movement but do push yourself during the burpees and use the run to recover slightly.  For the plate use a 45# bumper and jump onto it while reaching full extension of the hips and knees to complete the rep.

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