September 28, 2016



Work up to a strong effort set of  three deadlifts.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you go up to max effort, but work up in weight as you feel comfortable. Judge your effort by the strain it takes you to achieve each lift.  New lifters should keep the load light and work on proper body mechanics as they increase in weight.  Start with a light weight and make sure that you have established a straight back and an  appropriate setup as you address the bar.  Be sure to maintain your posture as you progress though each set of three and as you increase in weight.


AMRAP in 15 Minutes
200M Run
60 Seconds rest

Workout notes: For this workout your score will be the total number of rounds you complete while forcing yourself to hold 60 seconds rest for every run.  The only exception to that rule is if you have enough time to complete another round in the last minute of the workout by cutting the 60 seconds rest then do so rather if you feel you are capable.  If you can, keep track of your split times for each 200M and use the first couple of rounds as tests so you can perform negative splits.  Each 200m run should be strong effort but you want to run at a pace you can hold for several rounds so don’t perform an all out sprint during the first few rounds.

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