September 28, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes
30 seconds of Handstand Push-Ups

For today’s skill work we are working on a difficult gymnastics skill.  The strength and skill minimum for attempting handstand push-ups is 10 perfect and unbroken push-ups as well as at least a 60 second handstand hold.  If you aren’t able to perform the base skills, scale the movement to one that gets you working on the movement and addresses your biggest weakness. Spend 30 seconds of each  minute working on the skill by working in small sets or performing single reps if need be. Scale with one or two abmats in order to learn the skill but any more than that and you are better off choosing a scaling option that will address strength issues.  Pike push-ups with your feet on the ground or on a box are a great option.


3 Rounds for time

400M Run
30 Thrusters 45/35 lb

Workout notes: Our workout today is a 3 round triplet with a common monostructural movement and very light barbell movement. The benchmark weight for the workout is just an empty barbell.  That should make it highly accessible to most athletes.  You should be able to complete each set of 30 in a few large sets.  We also have 15 lb bars available a well as light dumbbells if you are on the fence about hitting the workout at the benchmark weight. Pick a weight that allows you keeping moving at a quick and continuous pace.  The thrusters definitely do not need to be unbroken, but you should be able to knock out large sets throughout the workout.

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