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September 30, 2017


5 rounds with 1 minute on each station

two arm dumbbell front squat 50/35 lb
two arm dumbbell push jerk 50/35 lb
double unders

Workout notes: Today’s workout will be scored in the same manner as the famous CrossFit workout “Fight Gone Bad”.   Count your total number of reps accumulated at all stations to arrive at a single number.  Squatting with dumbbells present a different challenge vs barbells.  Hold the weights at your shoulders with the rear head of the dumbbell behind your center line.  Start squatting by sending your hips back and fight to keep your torso upright throughout the entire range of motion.  In the push jerk you drop under the weight and finish the lift by standing up in a locked out position. If you have double unders you could potentially game the workout by going easy on the first two movements but that is not the intent of this workout! Go hard on each station and accumulate as many reps as possible. If double unders are a challenge then use this opportunity to practice them rather than switching to single unders! If classes are large, dumbbells can be shared, but make sure to stagger by two minutes to allow for two minutes straight of dumbbell work.

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