April 26, 2016


EMOM for 10 Minutes

[odd] 30 seconds of handstand hold
[even] 30 seconds of double unders

Spend ten minutes today working on two difficult skills.  Work on performing a set of double unders or attempting them for about 30 seconds and then rest prior to kicking up into a handstand. Remember you don’t need to stay up for all 30 seconds. Come down if you need to. Advanced athletes can attempt a freestanding handstand or handstand walk.


Eight rounds for max reps of:

20 Seconds of Two Arm Dumbbell Push Press 45/30 lb
Rest 10 seconds
20 Seconds of Jumping Alternating Lunge Steps
Rest 10 seconds

Workout notes: Today we will use the tabata clock but score our workout as you would any amrap or fight gone bad style workout. Both movements are simple but have a technical component you need to pay attention to. With push press remember we are performing a hip extension to push the dumbbells up but holding straight after that. For the lunge steps keep them honest and perform a fast explosive jump on each leg!


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