April 28, 2016


With a 10 Minute time cap climb the double under ladder as high as you can.

5-10-15-20-25-30 … of
Unbroken Double Unders.

Start with a set of 5 and add 5 every round.  Stop and rest between rounds as needed  The highest round you complete is your score. If you fail a round start over at the same rung of the ladder.  You do not need to start over at 5.

If you are new to double unders start with 1 and increase by 1 every round. If you are capable of 200+ Double Unders in a row attempt Triple Unders.


5 Rounds with 1 Minute on each Station
Row for calories
Box Jump 24/20″
Handstand Push Up

Workout notes: This workout will be scored as you would score the benchmark workout “Fight Gone Bad”.  Count your total reps across all 3 stations and 5 rounds to come up with one large number.  Spend some time reviewing the HSPU. The strength and skill minimum for attempting HSPU is being able to hold about 60 seconds in a handstand and perform 10 push-ups in a row without breaking at the midline, resting at the bottom or performing or pushing up off of the knees would constitute a failed rep.  If you can meet those standards give handstand push-ups a try with up to 1 or 2 abmats if needed.

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