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April 5, 2017


3 Rounds of

30 Second L-Hang
1 Minute Arch Hold
2 Minute Plank Hold

Take as much time as you need to to accumulate the time at each station and rest between movements as needed.  The L Hang starts on the pull up bar or rings. You can scale by pulling up one leg or holding a knee tuck. For the arch hold keep your arms locked out in front of you at shoulder width and keep your legs tight and squeezed together.  To scale up, hold a PVC pipe in your hands while you do it.  Do your best to complete the plank in the smallest number of sets possible.  You can choose to complete these on your elbows or hands but make sure to maintain hollow during your plank!


For time
50 medicine-ball cleans 20/14lb
25 push jerks 155/105lb
50 medicine-ball cleans 20/14lb

Workout Notes: Today’s workout comes to us from! You will start and end the workout with a large number of medicine ball cleans.  When you are performing med-ball cleans open your hips all the way up prior to quickly descending into the bottom of your squat and then stand tall with the ball before your next rep.  The benchmark weight here is the same as if you were to see wall balls so choose your weight based on what you normally use for this skill. Make sure you are able to do a good chunk of reps in a row with the weight you choose. In between your two sets of 50 cleans are 25 push-jerks.  The prescribed weight here is rather heavy so scale as needed. You will want to be able to complete sets of 5 or more with the weight you choose to get through the 25.

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