April 7, 2017


1 RM Squat Snatch

For today’s skill work we are working up to a one rep max squat snatch for the day.  The squat snatch is probably the most difficult lift that we do so start light and learn the mechanics of the lift before you start working with heavy loads.  If you are new to the movement start by catching the bar in the power position and slowly ride the bar down into the bottom of your overhead squat. If you are unable to safely overhead squat, talk to your coach about trying out a split snatch instead.


Kettlebell Swing 32/24 kg

Workout Notes: Today we have a classic rep scheme of kettlebell swings and toes-to-bar.  The rep totals for each movement are rather small so if you’ve been thinking of bumping up your kettlebell weight this would be a good time to give that a go.  You do not need to be able to do any of the rounds unbroken but you will want to get each set done in 2-3 sets.  Make sure to keep your head and chest up as you swing the kettlebell and be sure you are able to control it overhead.  If you are unable to get your toes to the bar while keeping the rhythm of your kip, lower your target so that you are able to work on the skill of linking your reps rather than slower reps just to get your toes to the bar.

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