August 1, 2014


EMOM for 10 Minutes

3 Overhead Squats

Work up to a light load and perform 3 Overhead Squats every minute for 10 minutes.  Practice squat snatching your first rep if you can. If you are new to the movement power snatch the bar and ride it down into the bottom of your first squat.  A big part of being able to perform this movement to full depth is purely mobility.   If you can’t achieve the position with a pvc or an empty barbell then adding weight won’t help.  If you are in that situation keep the load light and work on the mechanics of the lift.


3 Rounds with 1 Minute on each station

Ball Slams
Kettlebell Snatch 24/16kg
Double Dumbbell Push Press 35/20lbs
Row for Calories

Workout notes: This workout is performed “Fight Gone Bad” style.  As with any interval workout you should start pacing early! Consider giving yourself a self imposed time limit at each station and  begin your transition when the time hits. Your score is your total amount of repetitions.

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